Water is very important to the human body, every cell, organs and tissue in the body uses water to help with temperature regulation, hydration, and maintenance of other bodily functions.

Water acts as a lubricant and cushions joints in the body, drinking water is essential for overall health.

Most rural communities lack clean water and this has put the health and lives of it’s inhabitants in danger of water-borne diseases.

In a bid for societal/community development to ease the scarcity and supply of clean water, The Dooscomforts Home NGO has established a borehole project sponsored by Algier12 Properties limited aimed at the supply of potable water for the Alheri Community.
Dooscomfort Home is an NGO located in plateau state with the mission to be a relentless force for good and a voice for widows and its vision is to bring women the facility to shatter the restraint of poverty.

Algier12 Properties limited is solely a real estate company and it’s renowned for it’s impressive development of residential property and landmark development in plateau state.

As part of it’s environmental management that aims to form a big contribution to the longer term of land projects, they sponsored the establishment of the motorized borehole.
The project was commissioned on Sunday, 20th of June 2021 in Alheri.

Algier12 Properties Limited was represented by it’s newest ambassador Ms. Milcah Weyi, who revealed that the company sponsored the project for God to humanity as it is part of the company’s cooperative social responsibility. Also, a message from the MD in person of Mr. Smith, who couldn’t be there to witness the commissioning due to unforeseen circumstances is that “God has began something good in the community and it is our Ernest prayer that it continues and gets even better”.

The CEO of Dooscomforts home. Ms. Maria Achan thanked the people of the Alheri community for their cooperation to ease the process and also their support to see the project come to pass. A part of the NGO’s aim is to help women and widows.

Alheri was chosen because the NGO believes the community fits their vision and mission.
The commissioning was supported by the universal peace and violence amelioration center (UPVAC) and UNRS.
The community leaders acknowledged the work done by the NGO and sponsors, the widows expressed their joy for the provision of potable water for the community and also thanked the NGO and the sponsor for bringing such development to their community, they also said if in case they have another project, they hope the community will be remembered. God bless Dooscomforts Home for this initiative and also Algier12 Properties Limited for sponsoring the project.

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